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To: BNSF Petroleum Products and Chemicals Customres

New Language for Petroleum Products Price Authorities

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has promulgated rules governing motor vehicle diesel fuel (49 U.S.C.- 80.500 et. Seq.). These regulations require refiners, importers and distributors to designate and track shipments of ultra low sulfur diesel fuel. In order to ship such products on BNSF, shippers of motor vehicle diesel fuel must take responsibility for complying with the designate and track requirements of the regulations. This includes, but is not limited to, registration of all rail fleets/facilities, recordkeeping, and all reporting responsibilities. By the act of tendering such shipments of motor vehicle diesel fuel to BNSF for movement, the shipper is acknowledging to BNSF that they are compliant with all above referenced regulations.

The above provision has also been added to petroleum products price authorities, BNSF 57309, BNSF 57615, BNSF 57616, BNSF 57634, BNSF 90058, BNSF 90092, BNSF 90093, and BNSFAB 600002. The provision will govern all shipments of motor vehicle diesel fuel.

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