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To: BNSF Agricultural Products Customers

BNSF to Increase Velocity and Improve Efficiency for Fertilizer Shipments

As we enter the next few weeks of peak demand for fertilizer, we understand the shortness of the season and the necessity of timely delivery in order to safeguard that producers can get this year’s crops planted with the proper plant nutrients. BNSF is undertaking several specific actions to expedite fertilizer delivery to ensure our customers have the fertilizer where and when they need it.
BNSF is taking the following measures to increase velocity on fertilizer shipments and improve the efficiency of sets in fertilizer service:

  • Handling unit fertilizer similar to the logistics of Grain Shuttles, where customers have the capacity for rapid load/unload.
  • For customers with this capability, we will commit locomotives to these trains to reduce any potential delays and ensure expedited turn around service at origin and destination.
  • Adding an additional shuttle set into fertilizer service to increase capacity through increased resources.
  • Managing crew availability so that crews are in position when the train is ready to depart.
  • Working to ensure accurate ETAs so facilities can be prepositioned to load and unload as fast as possible.

BNSF understands the importance of ensuring the fluidity of the supply chain during this critical period. All of our operating teams are focused on and dedicated to providing the level of service our customers expect and we are committing the resources required to accomplish this effort. We welcome any questions you may have regarding this issue and appreciate the partnership we have with you, our customer.

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