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To: BNSF Customers

Hazardous Class Code Required in Shipment Instructions

Please be advised that BNSF Railway is now requiring, effective immediately, that all Hazardous Material shipment instructions must include the Primary Hazardous Class Code. In the event the Primary Hazard Class code is not provided, regardless of shipping instructions transmission format (EDI or Shipping Instructions), your instructions will generate an error and cause a delay in shipment.

EDI Users
The required information is located in the LS Loop of the EDI in the LH2 segment (Primary Hazardous Class Code). See example below:

PER*HM*MR SMITH*TE*005551231234
LH6*JOHN SMITH Shipping Instructions Users
In the Hazardous Entry screen, the Primary Hazard Class code is required. Depending on the UN/NA and STCC Code combination, the Primary Hazard Class code will populate in your Shipping Instructions Hazardous Entry screen.

Copies of Hazardous Rail Shipping Instructions for FRA Retention
Hazardous Material customers are also responsible for retaining a copy of their submitted railroad shipping instructions in the event the FRA requests them for an audit. For those customers who submit their Bill of Lading (BOL) from their own system or via an EDI provider, copies of those shipping instructions will need to be obtained from their system. For those who use the Shipping Instructions application to submit their BOL, customers need to either print or email a copy within seven days of submitting the BOL before it drops out of their history (summary queue).

Please note: a copy of your submitted railroad shipping instructions obtained through the Customer Waybill Details application is NOT a legal document that can be used for FRA audits (if/when the FRA requests a copy of your rail BOL). Shipping instructions from the Customer Waybill Details application do not provide an all-inclusive display of the hazmat details submitted in your BOL.

For assistance with BNSF Shipping Instructions tool, please contact our Waybill Solutions Team at (888) 428-2673 option 3,2,4.
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