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To: BNSF Woodchip and Bark Customers

BNSF Woodchip Gondolas

BNSF is in the process of divesting its fleet of woodchip gondolas used in woodchip service. As the fleet ages and cars are being retired, BNSF has determined that the economic returns do not justify reinvesting in this equipment type (i.e. extending the life of existing equipment or replacing aging equipment with new).

The cars are being sold to various parties in the industry--including shippers and leasing companies--and it is expected that by the end of 2007, BNSF will no longer have any woodchip gondolas for use in woodchip service. Shippers who currently use BNSF woodchip gondolas are advised to begin making plans for replacing this transportation capacity once the fleet is exhausted.

Furthermore, for the movement of woodchips and bark in woodchip gondolas originating on the BNSF network, BNSF provides chip nets only for BNSF-owned equipment. It is the responsibility of the shipper and/or other railroads to provide chip nets for private (X-marked) equipment or equipment owned by other railroads. Once the BNSF fleet of woodchip gondolas has been fully divested, BNSF will no longer provide any nets for the shipment of woodchips.

Chip nets can be procured from various sources in the industry. Among those are the following:

        Alleycat Recycling
        33383 E. Loop Road
        Stanfield, Oregon 97875
        Contact: Larry Picker
        Pacific Bag Co.
        P.O. Box 10411
        Portland, Oregon 97296
        Contact: Jerry Golby

For further information, please contact your BNSF Account Manager or the BNSF Equipment Management team. On the Equipment team, please contact Donna Hudson at 800-234-8440, option 2.

If you have any questions, please send an email to