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To: BNSF/KFR Customers

New Shortline Operator in Northeastern Washington & Southeastern British Columbia

BNSF Railway is pleased to announce a new rail service provider for a portion of the rail line currently operated by Omnitrax's Kettle Falls International Railway (KFR). Starting Wednesday, May 1, 2019, Progressive Rail's St. Paul & Pacific Northwest Railroad (STPP) will, in close partnership with BNSF Railway, begin as the new operator providing freight rail service between Chewelah, Washington, and Columbia Gardens, British Columbia via Kettle Falls, Washington.

As the handling carrier for BNSF, STPP will operate on over 80 miles of track from the BNSF interchange at Chewelah to Columbia Gardens.

The KFR will continue to operate the line between West Kettle Falls, WA and Grand Forks, BC and Danville, WA.

Customers with shipments moving on STPP and KFR will continue to waybill their traffic with BNSF. Please contact your BNSF marketing representative with any questions.

For your reference, below is a list of online resources and contact information at BNSF.

We look forward to working with STPP to provide the most effective solutions for your freight shipment needs.

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  • Shortline Velocity Tool
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  • BNSF eCash (invoicing tool)

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  • Industrial Products Rate Calendar

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