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To: BNSF Lumber and Panel Customers

Extension of Tiered Discounts at BNSF Logistics Center Fontana

BNSF and Tristar FLC will continue to offer tiered discounts on centerbeam and boxcar transloading services at BNSF Logistics Center Fontana. Effective immediately, this incentive program has been extended through February 14, 2010.

The tiered discount applies to lumber and panel shipments in centerbeams and boxcars billed to and unloaded at Logistics Center Fontana between now and February 14, 2010. The discount is based on the number of shipments waybilled during a calendar month, as follows:

1-19 cars: $200 discount per car (automatically discounted from your Tristar invoice)
20+ cars: $350 discount per car (Tristar will refund customers at this volume level an additional $150 per car, retroactive to the first car shipped that month, at the end of each month.)

These discounts do not apply to One-Price (bundled) documents.

To learn more about the benefits of Logistics Center Fontana, and to take advantage of this special offer, please contact Peter Howe at Tristar FLC by calling 360-823-1000, or send an email to

About Logistics Center Fontana
Logistics Center Fontana (LCF), the state-of-the-art transloading facility in Fontana, California, is equipped to handle the ever-increasing demand for warehouse and shipping services. LCF is designed to handle dimensional products, including lumber and other building materials, as well as dry bulk products such as fly ash and minerals. This 38-acre site can accommodate up to 60 centerbeams and boxcars per day.

The site is operated by Tristar FLC, a BNSF premier dimensional transload operator. Tristar also offers a custom-designed “TIMS” inventory management system. This system offers exceptional inventory control, driving the highest level of customer service in the industry.

For more information on Logistics Center Fontana, please contact your BNSF Marketing representative at 888-428-2673 or visit

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