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To: BNSF Perishable Boxcar Customers

Update: Refrigerated Boxcar CARB Emission Regulations in California

As mentioned in a Marketing News on April 30, 2009, the California Resource Board (CARB) will implement the Transportation Refrigeration Units Airborne Toxic Control Measure (TRU ATCM) regulation, affecting BNSF’s refrigerated boxcar fleet operating in the state of California. This regulation is intended to reduce diesel particulate matter emissions from the transport of refrigerated equipment operating in California. Since our April announcement, CARB has postponed the regulation’s effective date until Friday, January 1, 2010.

For more information on CARB TRU ATCM, please visit the CARB Web site.

How will this affect my usage of BNSF’s refrigerated fleet?
Currently, a portion of BNSF’s 72-foot refrigerated boxcar fleet is compliant with CARB TRU ATCM. Operating refrigerated boxcars that are non-compliant will no longer be able to enter or transit through the state of California, effective January 1.

BNSF is in the process of converting the entire 72-foot refrigerated fleet to be CARB-compliant. In the meantime, customers are able to request either CARB-compliant or CARB non-compliant cars, and BNSF has controls in place to prevent operating CARB non-compliant refrigerated boxcars from entering the state of California.

What are my alternatives?
BNSF perishable customers will have alternatives for transporting refrigerated products on BNSF into California:

Refrigerated customers may continue to use BNSF’s compliant 72-foot refrigerated boxcars or
Refrigerated customers can ship Intermodal with our Temperature Controlled Intermodal Department

What tools can I use to help ensure compliance?
Because customers are responsible for ensuring only compliant cars are loaded for California, BNSF has adjusted our online tools to assist in managing this new process.

Using BNSF’s Railcar Equipment Request (RER) tool on, customers are able to request either CARB-compliant or CARB non-compliant railcars. Cars will be indicated as:

CARB TRU ATCM Compliant 72-foot Refrigerated Boxcars – Used for traffic originating or terminating in California
Non-compliant CARB TRU ATCM 72-foot Refrigerated Boxcars – Used for all non-California traffic

Customers will also be able to see CARB-compliant railcars as they trace through the My Reports tool on A “Y” indicated in the new CARB-Compliant field in the report indicates compliant railcars, while an “N” indicates non-compliant cars.

Customers participating in BNSF’s Loading Origin Guarantees (LOGS) program will be able to bid on CARB-compliant 72-foot refrigerated boxcars by identifying how many cars will be moving to or from California during the bidding process. After winning a bid, customers can use the Railcar Equipment Request (RER) tool to order their cars. For more information and LOGS rules, please visit our LOGS Web page.

Where can I get more information?
Please refer to BNSF Rules Book 6100-A Item 6050 and Item 6250 for more information regarding CARB compliance and applicable switching and holding charges.

For additional questions regarding BNSF’s refrigerated equipment and transportation alternatives, please contact your BNSF Marketing Representative, or the BNSF Carload Equipment Team at 888-428-2673, option 4,4,1.

Your business is important to us. Thank you for choosing BNSF as your transportation service provider.

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