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To: BNSF Sand Customers

New STCC Codes for Shipping Fracture Sand

This year, new STCC codes were created for shipments of fracture (“frac”) sand. These STCC codes will help shippers, receivers and carriers easily identify the different grades of sand being shipped by rail. With this improved visibility, sand shippers and receivers can better manage their inventories, while allowing carriers to achieve better pipeline and yard inventory management.

Historically, sand shipments moved under STCC 1441314 (Sand Industrial, Oil or Gas Well Fracture Propping). Going forward, all sand customers should use the new STCC codes for fracture sand as follows:

  • 1441311 Sand Fracing 16/30 Mesh
  • 1441312 Sand Fracing 20/40 Mesh
  • 1441313 Sand Fracing 30/50 Mesh
  • 1441316 Sand Fracing 40/70 Mesh
  • 1441317 Sand Fracing 100 Mesh
These codes are used at origin by including the appropriate STCC code on the waybill on and third-party logistics/pipeline management tools. If you have questions about these changes, please contact your BNSF marketing representative.

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