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To: BNSF Agricultural Products and Industrial Products Customers

Changes to Billing for Moves on GNBC

BNSF Railway and the Grainbelt Corporation (GNBC) are preparing for a possible modification of the accounting relationship between our railroads.

Currently, GNBC is a handling carrier for BNSF, which means BNSF has GNBC’s power of attorney to set transportation prices from, to and via the GNBC whenever BNSF is in the route. From your perspective, railcars involving a handling carrier appear to be “BNSF Direct” routes. You pay a BNSF freight bill and the handling carrier does not appear in the pricing route.

We anticipate changing to a “Rule 11” accounting relationship, effective Thursday, October 21, 2010. Rule 11 refers to an interline shipment where each railroad bills the customer separately. GNBC will set and collect its charges between GNBC-served points and the interchange point with BNSF. BNSF will set and collect its charges for the BNSF portion of the route separately.

As soon as we have confirmed the transition, or as any further information becomes available, we will update you on the evolving situation.

If you have questions, please contact your Marketing Representative or one of the attached related contacts.
MN 10-01_GNBC Rule 11 - attachment.pdf

Your business is important to us. BNSF will work diligently to provide your transportation needs as we have in the past. Thank you for choosing BNSF Railway as your transportation service provider.

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