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Updated Report: Winter Storm Cleon

As stated in a service advisory issued Friday, December 6, 2013, winter storm Cleon has
impacted several segments of the BNSF network and the standard BNSF Winter Action Plan
is in place. Roadways in the Dallas-Ft Worth area, including access to the BNSF Alliance, TX
intermodal facility, have been impacted and steps have been taken to mitigate the storms impact.

While the BNSF Alliance intermodal facility remains open, inbound and outbound shipments
will continue to be impacted for the duration of the weather system and hazardous road conditions.

Inbound shipments may be delayed due to high yard inventory and/or chassis shortages until
outgate activity returns to normal levels. To offset the impact at the facility, BNSF is adjusting
the flow of inbound arrivals through staging trains on-line or at origin points. For outbound volume,
train consolidations will be used to match the level of ingate activity due to poor road conditions.

Based on current weather forecasts, customers may experience delays of 36 to 48 hours on
shipments moving through this corridor. As conditions improve, assistance from our customers
through high outgate activity and chassis management will accelerate recovery.

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