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To: BNSF Customers

Service Update for Friday, March 14

Despite continued weather and operational impacts, BNSF has made progress in its service performance in the last week. We'd like to share with you some of the key indicators that signify improvement.

With additional units arriving throughout 2014, we continue to see an increase in our locomotive inventory counts. So far, we have added more than 300 road locomotives to our fleet since the beginning of the year.

Trains holding:
Severe weather and service interruptions continue to drive high train holding counts; however, we have seen some signs of relief. The number of trains holding on the system has declined 15 percent this week compared to last week. Broken out by region, these declines are 12 percent in the northern U.S., 24 percent in the central U.S. and 7 percent in the southern U.S.

Coal velocity:
Coal velocity has improved by 11 percent driven by a 15 percent improvement in the Central Region, resulting in an increase in loadings per day. Our focus remains on stabilizing customer stockpiles.

Intermodal and Automotive performance:
On-time performance across our intermodal network has increased, driven by a reduction in the time for spotting for deramp by 27 percent. We continue to experience delays to eastbound international intermodal trains primarily in our weather impacted northern region, including recent delays in the greater Chicago area.

Industrial Products performance:
We are still well below our miles-per-day goal, but have seen signs of velocity improvements during the last 10 days thanks to terminal dwell improvements. In fact, terminal dwell has decreased by 7 percent, with total hours held for terminals down 10 percent. This is an indication of increased fluidity within our carload network.

Agricultural Products performance:
While we continue to experience significant impact to our Ag network, we've begun to see more consistency in our Ag service, as indicated by less variation in daily velocity.

We recognize that weather and operational issues continue to affect you and your business and we remain committed to an aggressive plan to restore service levels as quickly as possible.

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