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To: BNSF Agricultural, Coal and Industrial Products Customers

Revised Claim Notification Procedure - Effective June 1, 2015

In order to expedite the current claims reporting process, BNSF will implement a revised notification procedure beginning June 1, 2015. Rather than filing a claim within 48 hours of a car's placement, customers will now need to report loss or damage to BNSF, or the destination carrier, within 24 hours of the shipment's release. Weekends and holidays are also included in this 24-hour timeframe.

This new procedure still provides customers with an appropriate timeframe to inspect and report damage while ensuring that cars are emptied promptly. Also, where shipments are received by a transloader, the new 24-hour timeframe supports a quicker notification of any damage to shippers and for shippers to then file a claim with BNSF.

All shipments moved under the terms of BNSF Rules Book 6100-A will be subject to the revised procedure (see items 2270-D and 6160-E for details).

For information on how to file a claim, see Page 7 of the BNSF Railway Company Carload Customer Reference Guide.

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