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To: BNSF Pulpmill Feedstocks Customers

Migration of Rates from BNSFQ 111924 to BNSFQ 111394 Effective November 1, 2006

On October 31, 2006, BNSFQ 111924 will expire. In order to simplify rate structures, BNSF will consolidate rates for similar commodities by migrating certain rates from BNSFQ 111924 to BNSFQ 111394. The following commodities in BNSFQ 111924 will be affected:

            24115 Pulpwood or other wood chips nec
            24117 Fuelwood, hogfuel, cordwood fieldstraw or other fibrous mill waste material, compressed
            24119 Primary forest or wood raw materials, nec except from sawmills (see 24211-24299); from plywood or veneer mills (see 24321); from pulp mills (see 26111); or from charcoal or wood distillation plants (see 28612 made by turpentine tools)
            2499981 Bricks, fuel, logs or pellets, forest slash, wood or agricultural waste residues, compressed, with or without wax
            3999811 Litter, animal, consisting of pelletized vegetable material, with or without other material, not to exceed five percent (5%) by weight
            40241 Paper waste or scrap sensitized paper or pulpboard scrap or waste mulch, consisting of shredded or chopped waste and scrap paper
This migration of rates will occur largely at current rate levels. However, a limited number of lanes will take price increases at renewal based on the requirements of the parties to jointline rates. Please review the rate document for the specific increases.

Exception: BNSFQ 111924 will be renewed on November 1, 2006, but will contain only rates for fuel logs:
            24999 Wood products, nec except Containers (see 24411-24414 or 24419 chips and/or ground wood or wood fibres, not further finished than primed of any material or combination of materials, cores of cellular or solid construction or consisting of insulating materials, except cooling or freezing room panels, walls or doors).
The revised versions of the above documents will be available for review by November 1, 2006. Please click on the following link to view the revisions:

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