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To: BNSF Intermodal Customers & UIIA Members

New Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Requirements for Intermodal Equipment

As published December 17, 2008, by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), new rules governing intermodal equipment will become effective Thursday, December 17, 2009. The new rules require Intermodal Equipment Providers (IEPs) to accept Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) information from motor carrier drivers upon return of equipment to the IEP. The DVIR is intended to improve equipment defect identification.

Intermodal equipment is defined as “intermodal container chassis and all other kinds of trailers, chassis and associated devices used to transport intermodal containers”. Closed van trailers are not considered intermodal equipment.

An IEP is defined as the party that has contractual maintenance responsibility for the equipment, or the party that authorizes the interchange to a motor carrier pursuant to an interchange agreement, e.g., Uniform Intermodal Interchange & Facilities Access Agreement (UIIA).

BNSF is primarily a Facility Operator, rather than an IEP. The following information is being provided to familiarize you with the BNSF process that will assist IEPs and Motor Carriers with DVIR information exchange.

When BNSF is the IEP, drivers will be prompted at the in gate to provide DVIR information. When BNSF is not the IEP, drivers will be prompted for DVIR information only if the following criteria is met:
The equipment is registered in the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA) Global Intermodal Equipment Registry (GIER)
The IEP utilizes IANA DVIR data processing services

It will be necessary for IEPs that are not utilizing the IANA DVIR process to initiate a DVIR data exchange process directly with Motor Carriers.

Please see the attached FAQ document to help answer any questions you may have regarding these new rules. Additional questions may be directed to your Customer Support Representative or Janice Schaub, Director Equipment Utilization, at 817-867-6484.

MN 12-14_FMCSA Roadability - FAQs.pdf

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