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BNSF Enhancing Shipment Notification For Beneficial Cargo Owners

Beginning July 20, 2007, beneficial cargo owners (BCOs) will receive unit-specific shipment information during service interruptions. (Click here to view a sample Service Advisory.)

MN 07-20_Bene Owner Notification - Sample.doc

Shipping Instructions Best Practices – For Carriers

In order for BNSF to provide unit information to BCOs, carriers need to identify the owner of the freight as the “Beneficial Owner” on the EDI 404 shipping instructions. (When third parties are involved in the shipment, the third party should be listed as the “Consignee.”) Click here to see how to correctly designate parties on the EDI 404 shipping instructions. Click here to view best practices for ensuring all parties’ shipment visibility.

MN 07-20_Bene Owner EDI instructions.pdfMN 07-20_Bene Owner EDI 404 Best Practice.pdf

For EDI 404 implementation and support, or help with setting up your first BNSF tracing report using My Reports (formerly CLS), please contact Chris Garcia at 888-428-2673, option 4, 1, or email

Managing Your BNSF Advisories – For Beneficial Cargo Owners and Carriers

Through the BNSF Customer Subscription Service, BCOs, in addition to the shipper, consignee and notify party, can increase their shipment visibility by signing up to have BNSF Service Advisories sent directly to their email inbox. (BCOs currently signed up to receive Derailment, Embargoed Traffic, Maintenance of Way, Weather or Track Outage information, and BCO recipients of this advisory, will automatically begin to receive unit-specific information in those advisories.)

To modify which advisories you receive, log in to and look under the “Applications” tab for the “Manage” section. Click “Customer Subscription Service” and choose “Service Advisories.” From the pop-up window, you can select (by checking) the different types of Service Advisories you would like to receive. BCOs and carriers who are not currently receiving advisories from BNSF, or who would like to sign up to receive additional advisories from BNSF, can do so through the Customer Subscription Service.

For assistance with the BNSF Customer Subscription Service or other applications, please contact eBusiness at 888-428-2673, option 4, 1, or email

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