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To: BNSF Domestic Intermodal Carriers

BNSF Intermodal Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Policy

Recently, we have received several inquiries regarding the handling of Less-Than-Truckload (LTL), Parcel, and Package shipments. BNSF considers these shipments to be Restricted commodities.

Less-Than-Truckload, Parcel and Package shipments are vital to our Expedited network. Our goal is to grow this business and partner with our customers to ensure safe transportation.

As a reminder, per the BNSF Intermodal Rules and Policies Guide, Item 43: Restricted Shipments and Appendix B, certain requirements must be met before tendering LTL, Parcel and Package shipments to BNSF.

As with all Restricted commodities:

1. A special price authority for the Restricted commodity is required and must be provided to BNSF on the shipping instructions. In addition, the standard BNSF Intermodal Transportation Contract does not allow shipments of parcel and package (LTL) shipments. If your Transportation Contract has this provision, it must be amended before these shipments can occur.

2. Special loading patterns and procedures are necessary for proper blocking, bracing, and safe handling. Contact a LARS Representative or view the BNSF Intermodal Loading Guide or Intermodal Loading Diagrams.

3. All shipping instructions must be complete, proper and declare the actual Restricted commodity description and STCC.

4. Non-compliance with these requirements will result in applicable charges and actions, per the BNSF Intermodal Rules and Policies Guide.

BNSF is committed to working closely with customers to provide services that meet current and future shipping needs. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact your BNSF Sales Representative at 888-428-2673.

Your business is important to us. Thank you for choosing BNSF as your transportation service provider.

If you have any questions, please send an email to