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REMINDER: BNSF Private Chassis Optimization Program Effective June 1, 2007

In an effort to improve fluidity and throughput at BNSF facilities, BNSF is launching a Private Chassis Optimization Program at Logistics Park Chicago, Chicago Corwith and Kansas City, Kan., facilities effective June 1, 2007.

As mentioned in Marketing News advisories on October 11, 2006, and April 20, 2007, BNSF met with carriers in Chicago, Ill., on October 23, 2006, to pilot the Private Chassis Optimization Program. The pilot has allowed BNSF to test associated processes and carriers to become familiar with the program.

OCEMA Cooperative Chassis Pools
BNSF is one of several railroads participating in the OCEMA-sponsored Cooperative Chassis Pools. These pools have been introduced at BNSF Railway’s Denver and Memphis facilities to help reduce the number of chassis in operation at the facilities. If your company is interested in participating in chassis pools or in expanding cooperative pools at other BNSF facilities, please contact your BNSF Marketing Representative at 1-888-428-2673.

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