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BNSF Announces Trailer Service to Silao, Guanajuato, Mexico

BNSF Railway, in conjunction with Ferromex (FXE), will be offering trailer service (TOFC) between Chicago, IL, and Silao, Guanajuato, Mexico, via the El Paso gateway, beginning November 1, 2014. The new service can lower transportation costs when compared to over-the-road trucking, while also providing customers with additional shipping options to and from Mexico’s expanding Bajio market.

The new trailer service will be offered five days a week, northbound and southbound, with 6th morning availability in both directions, which is competitive with single-driver over-the-road trucking. This TOFC expansion is in addition to the intermodal container service that began on May 27, 2014, when BNSF launched its new Silao service jointly with Ferromex (FXE). Please see attached schedules for more details.

MN 10-17_Trailer Service Schedule.pdfMN 10-17_Trailer Service Schedule.pdf

Centrally located within 100 highway miles of the Bajio’s major manufacturing centers of Leon, Irapuato, Celaya, Salamanca, Queretaro and Aguascalientes, the Silao Hub offers fewer dray, or over-the-road miles, to and from key Mexico markets.

The traditional border crossing process is also streamlined ─ southbound shipments move in bond to Silao – avoiding a stop at the border for customs clearance. Upon arrival in Silao, customers use a customs broker of their choice to clear cargo with Mexican Customs. Northbound shipments are pre-cleared with U.S. Customs prior to their arrival at the US-Mexico border.

For more information, visit or contact your BNSF or FXE sales representative today.

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