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To: BNSF Intermodal Customers

Updated BNSF Storage Policy to Reflect Changes in Shipment Notification Process Effective September 12, 2016

Effective September 12, 2016, BNSF is updating the storage policy to reflect changes in the notification process that will enhance the customer experience. Approximately 24 hours prior to train arrival, BNSF will develop an Estimated Time of Notification (ETN) - an estimated time that a shipment will be available for pickup at destination. For the purpose of calculating storage free time, the event used to determine the day of notification will be the Estimated Time of Notification (ETN), or the Patron Notification (PN), whichever occurs at the later date and time. If notification occurs after the posted ETN, an additional 24 hours of free time will be applied.

The Estimated Time of Notification (ETN) will help customers to plan dray optimization, reduce dwell, and increase supply chain efficiencies. This change was based on feedback and requests from customers that BNSF work to provide more accurate and timely information regarding shipment availability.

For specific details, please refer to the BNSF Intermodal Rules and Policies Guide regarding Notification Day, Estimated Time of Notification (ETN) and Patron Notification (PN).

Contact your BNSF marketing representative if you have any questions about updates to the BNSF Storage Policy.

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