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To: BNSF Intermodal Customers And BNSF UIIA Equipment Contract Holders

Changes to Memphis Intermodal Storage Policy Effective December 21, 2009

Recent improvements have enabled BNSF to increase the amount of storage free time at the Memphis Intermodal Facility from 24 hours to 48 hours. This change to the intermodal storage policy will apply to all intermodal service levels and equipment types, and will be effective Monday, December 21, 2009, for shipment notifications that occur on or after December 21, 2009.

BNSF will continue to evaluate facility and operational efficiencies, and make changes to policies and procedures as needed.

For More Information
For a comprehensive overview of the policy changes, please refer to the updated information in the BNSF Intermodal Rules and Policies Guide. The storage policy is outlined in Item 45 and in Appendix H.

Questions regarding changes to the storage policy can be directed to your Intermodal Sales Representative at 888-428-2673, option 4, 2.

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