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To: BNSF Automotive Customers

Automotive Storage Relief for January Weather Conditions

BNSF recognizes that recent weather disruptions have created unique challenges for our customers. Since early January, the inland portion of the country has been gripped by the effects of extreme frigid weather, high winds and record snowfalls. As an example, Chicago has experienced some of the most severe winter weather conditions on record, including historic snowfall levels and extreme cold temperatures.

In response to the compounding effect these weather disruptions have had directly and indirectly throughout the network, BNSF is waiving storage fees issued at Logistics Park Chicago, St Paul (Dayton’s Bluff) and Dilworth during the calendar month of January 2014. Storage invoices will be available February 10 and any fees at these locations will be waived.
BNSF continues to take action to respond to the challenges posed by these historic weather events. We encourage you and your shipping partners to outgate VIN’s as promptly and safely as possible in order to maintain fluidity at BNSF Automotive facilities and accelerate recovery.

We appreciate your support of a safe transportation network. For additional information, please contact your BNSF Marketing representative.

If you have any questions, please send an email to