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To: BNSF Domestic Intermodal Customers

BNSF Domestic Intermodal Service Changes Effective May 4, 2009 (unless otherwise noted)

BNSF is pleased to offer a new Domestic Intermodal Expedited Trailer service to meet our customers’ needs. In addition, BNSF is making schedule changes to Expedited Trailer and Premium Container schedules to better align service with customer demand.

New Expedited Trailer Service
Effective May 4, 2009, BNSF will offer a new Intermodal Expedited Trailer service from Los Angeles, CA, to Albuquerque, NM, five days per week.

Schedule Changes for Expedited Trailer Service from Kansas City to San Bernardino
Effective immediately, BNSF has modified the Intermodal Expedited Trailer service cutoff time on Wednesdays from Kansas City, KS, to San Bernardino, CA, (westbound) to better align service with the other day of week cutoff times.

Schedule Changes for Premium Container Service from Memphis to Stockton
Effective May 4, 2009, BNSF has modified the Intermodal Premium Container service cutoff time on Tuesday and Thursday from Memphis, TN, to Stockton, CA, (westbound) to better align with customer ingate demand.

For a comprehensive view of all service changes, please see the attached schedules.

MN 04-27_Domestic IML service changes - schedule.pdf

BNSF continues to work closely with customers to provide services that meet current and future shipping needs. If you have questions regarding these changes, please contact your BNSF Sales Representative at 888-428-2673.

Your business is important to us. Thank you for choosing BNSF as your transportation service provider.

If you have any questions, please send an email to