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To: BNSF International Intermodal Customers

BNSF Offers Shortened Transit Times From the Pacific Northwest

To better meet the needs of International Intermodal customers, BNSF is pleased to offer shortened transit times on full train-load volumes moving to/from the Port of Tacoma and the Seattle International Gateway (SIG) to Memphis, TN, and BNSF’s Logistics Park Chicago (LPC) in Joliet, IL. This service would be available on one train per week scheduled on the departure day that matches the vessel’s discharge/dray.

The improved transit times are:
Tacoma* or Seattle to Memphis – 132 hours
Tacoma* or Seattle to LPC – 102 hours

(*Tacoma transit times are for time on BNSF Railway, and excludes time on the TMBL railroad at the Port of Tacoma.)

Shippers tendering full train volumes to either destination will utilize one of two reliable routes over the Cascade Range via the Cascade Tunnel or the Columbia River on America’s largest intermodal network. These improved transit times complement BNSF’s existing International Intermodal service of approximately 20 scheduled Intermodal services from the west coast to Memphis.

More on BNSF’s Memphis Intermodal Facility
International Intermodal customers can ship directly from the Pacific Northwest ports into BNSF’s new state-of-the-art Memphis Intermodal Facility. In June, this facility will double the existing size and lift capacity. The facility features wide-span electric cranes, the newest available intermodal lift equipment and automated gate technology for maximized throughput.

More on BNSF’s Logistics Park Chicago
International Intermodal customers can ship to BNSF’s state-of-the-art Logistics Park Chicago. This 621-acre logistics park features the most advanced technology, such as an automatic gate system, real-time vehicle tracking and scalable capacity.

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