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To: BNSF Intermodal Customers And BNSF UIIA Equipment Contract Holders

Changes to BNSF Intermodal Storage Policy Effective November 5, 2007

BNSF continues to review and modify its operating practices and service offerings in order to maintain network fluidity and improve service consistency.

As a result, BNSF is changing its intermodal storage policy, which will apply to all intermodal service levels and equipment types, effective November 5, 2007. Highlights of the simplified policy are summarized below:

  • Additional free time
    • At all facilities, Sundays will not be charged storage or be counted in the free time calculation (if free time has not expired)
    • Reduced number of 24 hour (Group 1) facilities (from 8 to 3)
  • No changes in daily rates
  • If notification is made after 5:00 p.m. (local time), the day of notification is the following day
Facility Grouping
Free Time
Storage Charges
Group 1
(Kansas City, Los Angeles, Memphis)
Notification Day
24 Hours
$150 a day
Group 2
Notification Day
48 Hours
$150 a day
Group 3
Notification Day
48 Hours
$100 a day
Please refer to the attached table to determine the group for each facility.

The new policy is effective for shipment notification that occurs on or after November 5, 2007.

BNSF will continue to evaluate facility and operational efficiencies, and make changes to policies and procedures as needed to improve fluidity.

For More Information

For a comprehensive overview of the policy changes, please refer to the updated information on the Storage Web page at and the BNSF Intermodal Rules and Policies Guide page at

If additional off-site storage is needed, please refer to the Off-Site Web page at

Questions regarding changes to the storage policy can be directed to your Intermodal Sales Representative at 888-428-2673, option 4, 2.

Improving the Global Supply Chain

BNSF continues to evaluate its operations to identify efficiencies that benefit the customer, but believes even greater supply chain efficiencies can be achieved when all members of the transportation industry collaborate.

What BNSF is doing
  • Service – BNSF is committed to improving service consistency through operational initiatives, capital investment and process improvements.
  • Continuous Improvement – BNSF is focused on continuously improving its operations and policies as needed, based on changes in freight volumes.
  • Customer Visibility – BNSF provides secured reports at to help customers manage their freight flows and storage charges. For assistance with registration, contact the BNSF E-business Help Desk at 888-428-2673, option 4, 1.

    What our transportation partners can do
  • Destination Dwell – Timely shipment pick up will improve asset utilization and reduce facility congestion.
  • Freight Receiver Hours – Migration to 24/7 operations would help eliminate bottlenecks by allowing the transportation industry to be more efficient and keep freight moving.

      We appreciate your business. Thank you again for choosing BNSF as your transportation service provider.

      BNSF Facility Storage Groups Effective November 5, 2007
      Facility Group
      Free Time
      Storage Charge
      (Per Day)
      Kansas City, KS
      Los Angeles, CA
      Memphis, TN
      Alliance, TX
      Atlanta, GA (Fairburn)
      Chicago (Cicero), IL
      Houston, TX
      Oakland Intl. Gateway, CA
      San Bernardino, CA
      Seattle, WA (SIG)
      St. Louis, MO
      St. Paul, MN
      Stockton, CA
      Albuquerque, NM
      Amarillo, TX
      Billings, MT
      Birmingham, AL
      Chicago (Corwith), IL
      Chicago (Willow Springs), IL
      Denver, CO
      Dilworth, MN
      El Paso, TX
      Fresno, CA
      Harvard, AR
      Logistics Park Chicago, IL
      New Orleans, LA
      Omaha, NE
      Phoenix, AZ
      Portland, OR
      South Seattle, WA
      Spokane, WA
      *List of BNSF Intermodal Facilities is for reference and is not comprehensive.

    • If you have any questions, please send an email to