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To: BNSF International Customers

BNSF Intermodal Service Changes Effective June 29, 2007 (unless otherwise noted)

BNSF continues to focus on maximizing capacity to improve service and meet customers’ shipping needs. To improve the consistency of service and increase total capacity, BNSF will be making the following intermodal service changes:

Southeast Corridor:
BNSF is establishing loaded and empty goals for our direct service from the Atlanta, GA, intermodal facility to Southern California On-dock facilities.
The days of service between Atlanta, GA, and Los Angeles, CA (BNSF direct), will change to a Monday through Saturday service in both directions, effective June 16, 2007.
In the Los Angeles, CA, to Austell, GA (BNSF-Dallas-NS) lane, the Wednesday and Sunday cutoffs move to Thursday and Monday, effective June 20, 2007.
Atlanta, GA, to Oakland International Gateway (BNSF direct) service will be offered on Wednesday.
See attachment A for schedules.

MN 06-18_attachment A.xls

    The Sunday cutoff from Logistics Park Chicago to Tacoma, WA (Tacoma PCT, Tacoma Blair, Tacoma EXP and Tacoma SIM), will be replaced with a Saturday cutoff.
    We will eliminate Denver, CO, to Omaha, NE, container service due to a decrease in volume over an extended period of time.
    From Chicago, IL, to Alliance, TX, the Saturday cutoff will move to a Sunday cutoff.
    See attachment B for schedules.

    MN 06-18_attachment B.xls

    All goal changes will also apply to interline traffic and cutoff changes will apply to empty traffic.

    Questions regarding these changes should be addressed to your BNSF Marketing Representative at 888-428-2673. Your business is important to us. Thank you again for choosing BNSF as your transportation service provider.

    If you have any questions, please send an email to