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To: BNSF Domestic Intermodal Customers

Changes in Service between Southern California and Kansas City/Atlanta Effective February 5, 2012

Effective February 5, BNSF’s Southern California expedited container and trailer service to and from Atlanta will originate and terminate at San Bernardino, rather than our Los Angeles facility. Premium container service between Atlanta and Southern California will be offered out of both San Bernardino and Los Angeles.

In addition, to better align with demand, all intermodal services between Kansas City, Kansas, and Southern California will originate and terminate at Los Angeles. BNSF will discontinue intermodal service between San Bernardino and Kansas City, Kansas.

For more details, see the attached schedules:

  • Expedited SCAL – Atlanta schedules

    MN 12-19_Expedited SCAL-Atlanta - schedules.pdf

  • Premium SCAL – Atlanta schedules

    MN 12-19_Premium SCAL-Atlanta - schedules.pdf

  • Expedited SCAL – Kansas City schedules

    MN 12-19_Expedited SCAL-KC - schedules.pdf

  • Premium SCAL – Kansas City schedules

    MN 12-19_Premium SCAL-KC - schedules.pdf

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