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To: BNSF Customers

Auction Program Available for NACS Containers

BNSF is now offering NACS containers through BNSF’s Loading Origin Guarantees (LOGs) program. Adding NACS containers to the LOGs program will give carriers an alternative to secure additional equipment capacity by bidding on-line for the opportunity to reserve intermodal containers.

Information Sessions Available
To help you understand how the program works in more detail, three dial-in information sessions have been scheduled. These informational sessions will be hosted as Microsoft Live Meetings and you will need access to a computer during the meeting. The sessions are scheduled for Wednesday, July 19 at 10 a.m.; Thursday, July 20 at 2 p.m.; or Friday, July 21 at 10 a.m. If you wish to attend one of the information sessions, please send an e-mail to and indicate which class you wish to attend. A link to the session will be then be sent to you.

NACS Auction Windows
Customers will have the option of bidding on NACS equipment supply for three different timeframes.

    (1) Dedicated Fleet – September 5, 2006 to December 23, 2007: Designed for carriers seeking 53’ NACS equipment for the duration of the BNSF’s NACS program. The bid winner would receive a dedicated fleet and NACS equipment would be re-stenciled for the bid winner. The re-stenciled 53’ NACS containers would remain in the possession of the bid winner through the duration of the NACS program. These containers would not be accepted empty at a BNSF Intermodal hub throughout this program. (Please note - there will be a one-time stenciling fee of $100 per container.)
      (2) PEAK 2006 – September 5, 2006 to December 23, 2006: Designed for carriers seeking equipment for the entire 2006 Peak Season, a guaranteed supply of 48’ or 53’ NACS containers during this traditionally high demand period. Containers will be available for Peak 2006 LOGS bid at BNSF Los Angeles (Bell) and San Bernardino Intermodal hubs.

      (3) Daily – September 5 – December 23, 2006: Designed for carriers seeking equipment on a daily basis during the 2006 Peak season. Interested parties must bid on equipment by day. BNSF will post projected availability of 48’ or 53’ NACS containers, on a daily basis, by BNSF Intermodal Hub. Containers will be available for Daily LOGS bid at BNSF Los Angeles (Bell) and San Bernardino Intermodal hubs.

    Additional Private Equipment Capacity
    To assist carriers with any additional capacity needs, a list of private equipment owners has been placed on the BNSF website at the following link:

    Your business is important to us, thank you for choosing BNSF as your transportation provider. If you have any additional questions, or if your company owns private domestic equipment and would like to be added to this link, please contact your marketing representative at 888-428-2673.

    If you have any questions, please send an email to