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To: BNSF Intermodal Customers

Correction: Intermodal Embargo and Proper Loading Reminder

As announced in a Marketing News on July 29, 2011, BNSF embargoed all intermodal shipments of pumping units that originate from Qingdao Apex Maritime Co., Ltd. (China). Effective immediately, that embargo is canceled, and an embargo on all intermodal shipments of pumping units that originate from Daan Sogiant Petromach Co., Ltd. (Jilin, China) is in effect.

During the month of July 2011, BNSF received several unsafe shipments of pumping units that were loaded at the Long Beach and Los Angeles port facilities. The improperly loaded and secured shipments placed our employees, communities, network and customer shipments at risk.

The embargo applies to all Daan Sogiant Petromach Co., Ltd. pumping unit shipments, regardless of how shipments are described (machinery, equipment, etc.) on shipping instructions, waybills, etc. The photos below provide a good visual depiction of typical pumping unit shipments.

Properly Load and Describe
As a reminder, damage-free shipping begins with a balanced load that is properly blocked and braced to restrict lading movement during the transportation cycle. Distressed shipments that can result from improper weight distribution or inadequate blocking and bracing pose a significant safety concern and can result in train delay and equipment damage, or worse. The BNSF Load and Ride Solutions (LARS) team can provide safe loading and securement methods for pumping unit shipments.

We encourage you and your shipping partners to review the BNSF Intermodal Rules and Policies Guide, with particular attention to the items covering:
Loading, blocking and bracing
Prohibited shipments
Restricted shipments

We appreciate your support of a safe transportation network. For additional information, please contact your BNSF Marketing or LARS Representative.

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