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To: All BNSF Customers

Update on Network and Service Recovery

Dear Customer,

Following up on my letter of August 11, I want to update you on the progress we’ve made to restore our network and your service to best in class.

I am very pleased to report that our St. Joseph Subdivision will reopen on September 3, five days earlier than I reported in my previous letter. Opening this important corridor along the Missouri River will allow us to start returning rerouted traffic to normal routing. Portions of the nearby Napier and Omaha Subdivisions will remain out of service due to persistent high water levels. We anticipate reopening those subdivisions in late September or early October, pending receding flood waters.

Our employees and contractors continue to work 24/7 as we have completed work on four of the five bridges on the St. Joseph Subdivision. As we complete the fifth bridge, we are preparing to implement our action plans to improve your service as quickly as possible. This will complement efforts already underway to improve velocity and service throughout our network. Not only will you see improved service for traffic that returns to the St. Joseph Subdivision, but you will also see service improve in those areas that absorbed the rerouted traffic, such as Colorado and Illinois.

To learn more about our restoration efforts, click here to see our video update. Click on the attached photos to see the recently completed fourth bridge on the St. Joseph Subdivision.
2011 MO St. Joseph Big Lake Recovery 08-23-11.pdf

We remain committed to around-the-clock service restoration efforts. I will continue to provide updates in the coming weeks. Many of you sent encouraging messages after my last letter. We sincerely appreciate your support and your business. If you have any questions, please contact your Marketing representative.

John P. Lanigan
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

If you have any questions, please send an email to