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Read our Update on Rail Collective Bargaining Agreements

Dear Customer:

Since the Presidential Emergency Board (PEB) issued their recommendations on November 5, 2011, the major freight railroads have been actively engaged with our unions to implement the recommendations. I am pleased to inform you that tentative agreements have been reached with four unions. Including the agreement that was reached with our largest union prior to the convening of the PEB, we now have agreements covering over 50% of the rail employees in this bargaining round.

We will continue to work in concert with the other railroads to implement the PEB recommendations with the remaining unions. We hope to conclude this bargaining round prior to the expiration of the cooling off period on December 6. Implementation of the PEB recommendations across all unions is necessary to avoid any work stoppage or job action that might impact our ability to move your freight.

We will continue to update you as the situation warrants, to include providing you with key contacts in Washington, should you desire to express your opinion concerning this important issue for our country and economy.

John Lanigan
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

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