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To: BNSF Intermodal Customers

Summer 2015 Message from Katie Farmer

Dear BNSF Customer,

It's been a busy second quarter for us here at BNSF and I wanted to share a few highlights with you. We are seeing continued service performance improvement across our network as multiple projects are being completed helping to increase capacity and enhance velocity for our customers. By year's end, our 2015 expansion projects will result in more than 120 miles of new double track, more than 800 miles of Centralized Traffic Control, five new sidings and 16 extended sidings. Click here for a detailed overview of BNSF's 2015 investment.

As the economy began its recovery from the Great Recession, we experienced rapid growth along our Northern Corridor. In response, BNSF invested record capital to give us new capacity, which allowed us to expand our service offering. As a result on June 9th, we announced new service schedules for domestic intermodal customers to and from Chicago and St. Paul to the Pacific Northwest. The new schedules will feature Expedited service seven days a week for westbound traffic and six days a week for eastbound traffic, which is one day more than is currently offered in the marketplace. BNSF will also be the only railroad to offer Expedited service to and from Seattle. The new schedules will take effect September 14th.

Over the last ten years, we have invested more than $3 billion in the Transcon, creating the fastest intermodal route connecting Southern California to the Midwest. Since 1992, BNSF has steadily added double-track to the Transcon and in 2015, we will double-track roughly 27 miles of the remaining single-track in parts of New Mexico and Oklahoma.

On March 24th, we completed a double-track project from Alva to Loder, Oklahoma that placed about 8 miles of new double-track in service. We recently completed 9 miles of double tracking between Vaughn and Carnero, New Mexico, a project originally scheduled for 2017. To complete this double-track, engineers dealt with 1.2 million cubic yards of excavation and 2.0 million cubic yards of embankment. This segment of double-track will have the capacity to support an additional 10 trains a day and, most importantly, improve on-time performance during the peak traffic periods experienced from late-week volumes.

BNSF crews are currently working on a 9.7 mile double-track project on our Panhandle Subdivision near Avard, Oklahoma. We anticipate project completion by late October with capacity increases going from 62 to 78 trains per day on this segment. Going into 2016, only seven miles of single track will remain on our Southern Transcon route. We anticipate completion of the Pecos River Bridge near Ft. Sumner, New Mexico in 2016. Besides the Pecos River section, the two other single-line segments are the Salt Fork River Bridge on the Panhandle sub in Oklahoma and the Missouri River Bridge on the Marceline sub in Missouri.

While our network has become more fluid, we know that intermodal volumes will continue to grow so we need to plan for the future. Rising terminal dwell trends are challenging us to rethink how we can work together to eliminate waste in the supply chain. As announced on June 16th, BNSF's Intermodal Storage Policy is being modified effective August 17, 2015. While this is a change to our current policy, it is very similar to the policy BNSF had in place prior to the recession. These modifications are necessary to improve throughput at our facilities and deliver the consistency and on-time performance our customers need to grow their business.

Much work is yet to be done in 2015, but we are committed to completing our record investments and delivering the best Intermodal product in the industry. Our goal, as always, is to help you grow and realize the tremendous potential for your business.

Thank you for choosing BNSF Railway as your transportation service provider.

With gratitude,

Katie Farmer
BNSF Railway
Group Vice President, Consumer Products

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