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To: BNSF Customers

Service Update for Friday, June 20

Investments Progress Continues
This week, we accomplished an important milestone with the opening of our first 10 miles of new double track on our Glasgow subdivision. And last night we opened 12 additional miles of double track. By October, we will open a total of nearly 60 miles of double track on this important subdivision on our Northern corridor. Through the end of last week, we have acquired 214 new locomotives this year with more new deliveries arriving each week. Our hiring progress has also been good with 2,100 new train, yard and engine employees added – net of attrition – to the team so far this year.

While periodic weather events will undoubtedly challenge our maintenance and expansion efforts, our team continues to do a tremendous job of remaining focused on completing projects. Most recently, sections of track on two subdivisions were washed out due to flooding and fortification with sandbags is occurring on another subdivision to prevent any additional washouts. We remain confident that our investments will make our network stronger and better than ever before.

More Assets Deployed Across the Network
Last month, 27 grain shuttle sets that had previously been committed to customers became available, which means the cars previously used to support those shuttles have been redeployed as added capacity to allow BNSF to work down past due cars. In fact, last week past due cars related to our Agriculture business were at their lowest level since February and were reduced by more than 1,200 cars from the prior week. This continued improvement and redeploying of capacity also means that we can redeploy crews, locomotives and rolling stock for other business shipments.

Service Performance Update
(week ending 6/13, compared to baseline of Feb. 7)
The progress we are making on velocity continues to be mixed across our network with slower velocity on the Northern Transcon. Unfortunately, we continue to experience periodic severe weather disruptions on our Northern operating region including high winds, tornados and flooding. Our team is working hard to restore disrupted service as quickly as possible.

Terminal dwell for the system and for each of the three operating regions continues to improve from the baseline of early February. However, train speeds declined modestly due to operational challenges, particularly in the Northern and Central regions.

  • In our Northern region, terminal dwell is down almost 23% from the baseline. Train speed is down 2%.
  • Along our Central Corridor, terminal dwell is down 10.3% from the baseline. Train speed is down 6%.
  • Along our South region, terminal dwell is down 14% from the baseline. Train speed is down 0.4%.
    As always, we appreciate the opportunity to serve as your transportation service provider. We welcome your feedback and questions and look forward to serving you in the best manner possible.

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