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BNSF Prepares for Tropical Storm Bill

Tropical Storm Bill has made landfall in Texas and will bring heavy rains and strong winds to eastern Texas and eastern Oklahoma during the next 24-48 hours. Rainfall totals of 4-8 inches are expected, and some locations could receive more than 10 inches. There is the potential for widespread flooding in many areas that remain saturated following last month's record rainfall. As the storm moves off to the northeast, heavy rain is also expected in parts of Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois. With the Mississippi River already at flood stage in St. Louis, our River Subdivision in Missouri could be impacted.

In advance of the storm, we took proactive steps, including the pre-positioning of portable generators, ballast and riprap; we moved railcars away from low-lying areas of the Texas Gulf Coast; we brought in supervisors from other territories to provide supplemental track inspections and established command centers to manage storm response on a 24/7 basis. We have also re-routed trains to avoid service disruptions that could be caused by this storm.

We are prepared to implement additional procedures to maximize safety and manage traffic through the region. BNSF crews are also ready to quickly respond to any washouts and the need for track repairs.

We will continue to provide customers with updates should any significant service interruptions occur.

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