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Service Update for Wednesday, July 2

Service Performance Update
Given that this is a short week for many due to the Independence Day holiday on Friday, this week's update will also be shorter than normal.

This week, the story is the weather.More specifically, flooding and the potential for flooding along various sections of the Mississippi are keeping our crews and meteorologist busy. While the size of our network allows our dispatchers to re-route trains and plan trips around areas that are at risk for disruptions, those re-routes can create some challenges. Some trips will take longer since we are not able to use the most optimal route and adding traffic to certain traffic lanes means that our velocity and throughput becomes temporarily impacted.

In particular, our Hannibal subdivision, which is located in central Illinois along the Mississippi river, is out of service due to flooding in the area. We are managing that outage by re-routing traffic and using alternative lanes so as to continue service to customers. On our Ottumwa subdivision, which is also near the Mississippi in Southern Iowa, our crews have been able to raise the track as much as 12 inches at a critical location in Burlington, IA, which allows that section of track to remain in service.

Weather predictions for the Midwest indicate that the area will remain dry for the next few days, which is expected to help ease flooding conditions. For those interested in tracking the forecast for river flooding, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Weather Service offer updates in real-time at the following link:

Next week, we will return to reporting key statistics and metrics by region and we will update customers on the fluidity of the network. In the meantime, our BNSF crews are working extremely hard to ensure trouble spots are avoided and safe, efficient alternative routes are used. Customers who may be directly impacted by flooding will be contacted directly to ensure they are kept informed about the status of their shipments.

As the July 4th holiday approaches, our trains will continue to move as they do every day of the year but we will also take a moment to be proud of living in this great nation and proud to be able to serve our customers and the global economy.

Thank you for your business and for the opportunity to serve as your transportation service provider.

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