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To: All BNSF Customers

Service Update for Friday, August 1, 2014

For the week ending July 29, the BNSF network experienced a good performance result. With nearly 300 more trains on our network compared to our historical average, our Operations team continues to keep trains and locomotives moving at a steady pace.

The seven-day average for trains on the BNSF system was 1,886, which is down six trains from the prior week but up 90 trains from our baseline week in early February. Despite more trains on the system compared to early February, our “total trains holding” measurement is 36.7 percent improved from the week ending February 7 and 7.1 percent better compared to the prior week. Likewise, train and locomotive velocity each improved this week compared to the prior week and against our baseline week. Train velocity, measured in miles per hour, was 2.8 percent better week-over-week and 1.4 percent higher compared to the baseline week. Similarly, locomotive velocity, measured in miles per day (MPD), showed improvement to 250.7 MPD compared to 247.2 for the prior week and 244.9 in early February.

Key Service Metrics

  • For the week ending July 29, overall on-time performance was essentially flat compared to the prior week, increasing 10 basis points, but is 24 percentage points better compared to the baseline period.
  • Terminal Dwell, which is measured in hours, was also roughly flat at 28.3 for the week ending July 29 compared to 28.2 the prior week. Compared to the baseline week in early February, terminal dwell is 14 percent better at 32.9 hours.
  • Total Volume handled for Week 30 was 199,108 units compared to 197,371 units handled in Week 29.
Locomotive Inventory Counts Continue to Increase

For July, locomotive deliveries continue to be on track with 31 additional locomotives delivered for the month and 54 additional locomotives expected in August. Through July 25, we added 274 locomotives to our fleet, closer toward our goal of 500 additional locomotives for the year. Adding locomotives to our fleet is one of the strategies we are using for adding capacity to service our customers.

Tower 55 Outage Planned for August 10

As we enter the final construction phase of Tower 55, a vital rail intersection located in Fort Worth, Texas, a 24-hour outage is scheduled on August 10. BNSF will implement a reroute plan for freight moving through this area, resulting in longer transit times ranging from 1–3 days. The August 10 outage will delay both freight and passenger travel that normally pass through this intersection.

Additional Tower 55 service delays will occur August 14 – 26 as various routes will experience 12-hour out-of-service windows. Rerouting and staging of freight will occur as needed. We will continue to communicate expected service delays to our customers throughout this final phase of construction.

As always, we appreciate the opportunity to serve as your transportation service provider and welcome your feedback and questions.

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