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To: All BNSF Customers

A message to BNSF customers about the effects of Hurricane Ike on BNSF

To our valued customers:

As the residents of the Texas Gulf Coast continue the long, difficult process of recovery from Hurricane Ike, BNSF is assessing damage and making repairs required to restore rail service to support our customers in the area and the communities affected by the storm.

We are working with customers to determine their ability to make and receive shipments and are adjusting train operations as needed to provide the required service. The safety of our employees and their families is our first priority, but sufficient crews are available to operate the trains required to serve our customers.

Most BNSF core routes in the area are open, with the exception of the track from Texas City to Galveston and associated terminal trackage on Galveston Island. Hundreds of workers have been deployed to clear and restore that trackage, but we estimate that it will be early the week of September 22 before repairs are made and we are able to access the island.

Other trackage affected by the storm is being repaired, and we expect most of that track to be back in service later this week. Our Pearland Intermodal Facility serving the Houston area is open, although hours are limited as the cleanup continues.

Much of the area remains without power, but the train dispatching center in Spring has continued operations on emergency power. Additional generators have been deployed to the area to meet further emergency power needs for telecommunications and signal systems.

We will continue to work with customers to determine their rail service needs and to meet those needs as the Texas Gulf Coast continues its recovery. As that process continues, we appreciate your patience and, as always, we appreciate your business.

John Lanigan
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

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