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Service Update for Friday, October 3, 2014

With the impacts from Tropical Storm Odile now behind us, the network experienced modest improvements this week. Nonetheless, the operation did encounter some headwinds during the week to due to heavy rains across southern Iowa and Nebraska, particularly around the Lincoln area. This affected velocity in the Central Region due to the need for track repairs caused by flash flooding as well as additional track inspections to ensure safe operating conditions.

Across the North Region, our ongoing maintenance program continues to result in the re-routing of some traffic onto alternate routes. In addition, heavy volume and interchange congestion in Chicago have created additional challenges. We continue to evaluate and, in some cases, implement alternate routing solutions to alleviate these congestion delays.

Below is a look at the key operational performance categories for the week ending September 30:

Total trains held for power improved by more than eight percent at 60.6 trains, down from an average of 66.1 trains held the prior week. Total trains on the system continues to be robust, increasing to 1,927, which is 24 trains more than last week.

Locomotive velocity, measured in miles per day (MPD), improved slightly to 249.2 compared to 248.3 MPD during the prior week. Locomotive dwell was essentially unchanged at 16.6 hours versus 16.5 hours for the prior week.

Car velocity, measured in MPD, also improved for the week at 186.1, which is nearly two and a half percent better than the 181.8 MPD recorded the prior week.

Train velocity was essentially unchanged for the week at 14.6 miles per hour, which is 0.1 miles per hour slower than the prior week.

For the third week in a row, total volume handled was strong, topping the 200,000 mark at 202,233 units handled in Week 39.

Terminal dwell improved to 27.6 hours for the week, which is 12 minutes better than the prior week.

As always, we thank you for your business and appreciate the opportunity to serve as your transportation service provider. We welcome your feedback and questions.

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