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To: All Impacted Customers

Update Report: Mud Slides and Heavy Rain on Northwest Division

As stated in the Service Advisory dated March 14, 2011; BNSF service continues to be impacted by the mud slides in the Pacific Northwest region of our network. We are currently experiencing delays on traffic moving through Seattle, Everett, Wenatchee, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Additional rain is forecasted over the next 48 hours slowing track work and creating conditions conducive to mud-slides. If there are no additional mud slides we anticipate Main Track One to reopen at approximately 1400-1600 Pacific Time on March 15, 2011.

Customers should anticipate additional delays as traffic begins moving through the mud-slide areas as well as to traffic moving on reroutes. BNSF will provide updates as additional information becomes available.

Updated shipment information is available through the secure Rail Central web tool at

If you need additional information, please contact BNSF Customer Support at 888-428-2673 option 4, option 3.

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