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To: BNSF Domestic Intermodal Customers

Reminder: New North Line Domestic Intermodal Service Schedules Effective Monday, September 14

In response to customer demand along its Northern Corridor and as a result of record capital investments, BNSF Railway is introducing new Expedited and Truckload domestic intermodal service schedules to and from Chicago and St. Paul, MN to the Pacific Northwest. The new North Line service schedules take effect today.

BNSF has been engaged in a multi-year expansion project to add capacity and improve rail service consistency and reliability. The new schedules being introduced provide BNSF intermodal customers with service designed to meet their needs along the north.

The new schedules will feature Expedited service seven days a week for westbound traffic and six days a week for eastbound traffic, which is one day more than is currently offered in the marketplace for this region. BNSF will also be the only rail operator to offer Expedited service to and from Seattle.

For specific schedule details, click here.

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