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To: All Affected Customers

Report: Winter Storm Rocky

BNSF Operations in the Central and South Regions are continuing to coordinate activation of rail snow plows, placement of mechanical and maintenance personnel, identifying reroute and bypass opportunities, and strategic planning of crew transport in areas currently affected by the progress of Winter Storm Rocky. Rocky is now passing through some of the same areas hit by last week’s Winter Storm Q.

The East/West route between Kansas City and Barstow has experienced blizzard conditions, road closures, commercial power outages, high winds, and heavy snowfall, as the storm moved west to east.

On BNSF’s South Region, the storm has now passed Amarillo, Texas, which received 19 inches of snow, and Clovis, New Mexico where six inches of snow fell atop 2 inches of ice. Blizzard conditions in Kansas City and Galesburg are expected to develop after midnight as the storm moves northeast. Rocky will then move to Chicago later Tuesday and Wednesday.

Customers should anticipate delays of 24-48 hours on shipments moving through these areas.

Updated shipment information is available through the secure Rail Central web tool at
If you need additional information, please contact BNSF Customer Support at 1-888-428-2673 option 4, option 3.

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