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To: All BNSF Customers

Severe Winter Weather Impacts Operations

Dear BNSF Customer,

This year we are experiencing the worst winter weather the United States has seen in decades. With subzero temperatures and overnight wind chills, the compounding effects of severe weather disruptions are causing elevated risk factors for our personnel, interfering with equipment operations, and resulting in poor road conditions. These weather events and operational impacts from associated traffic delays have slowed our return to normal operations, particularly in the Northern Corridor.

To assist with restoring terminal and hub fluidity, we are doing everything possible, including:

    Staffing and operating around-the-clock command centers at key locations across our network to coordinate train flows and inclement weather-recovery efforts.

    Redeploying BNSF personnel and equipment to the areas hardest hit by the extreme weather to expedite service recovery. In addition, we've expanded our 24/7 Rapid Responder network to expedite responses to equipment and track- caused interruptions.

    Deploying additional locomotives. Over the past 60 days, we added more than 250 locomotives and will add 125 new locomotives in the next 60 days.

    Modifying BNSF's carload Transportation Service Plan (TSP) to redirect shipment flow to terminal locations that have not been impacted by weather and reduce flow into congested terminals.

    Adding significant personnel to implement all of the actions above. In addition, 300 new employees will join BNSF by the end of February.

During this challenging period, we will remain focused on running a safe operation and flexing our plans to best manage overall network volumes. As weather conditions moderate, we expect to see a steady service performance improvement.

At BNSF, we recognize the severe impact that current conditions are having on you and your business. Be assured that we are committed to restoring service levels as quickly as possible.


Steve Bobb
Executive Vice President and
Chief Marketing Officer

Greg Fox
Executive Vice President, Operations

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