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To: BNSF Carload Customers

New Demurrage Plan for Unloading Rail-Controlled Covered Hoppers (Excluding Shuttles) Effective February 1, 2009

Effective February 1, 2009, BNSF will be using a new demurrage plan during the unloading of rail-controlled covered hoppers (excluding shuttles). This change will focus efforts to increase velocity and add available cars to the network of customers.

Unloading of Rail-Controlled Covered Hoppers
All unloading demurrage for rail-controlled covered hoppers, excluding shuttles, will be subject to the Modified Straight Plan. Listed below are highlights of the changes. The Demurrage tariff BNSF6004 will provide more specific information and takes precedence over this advisory.
Customers are allowed two free days (credits) to unload, plus Sundays and select holidays
Customers can earn an additional free day by ordering cars to spot before midnight after notification, as long as capacity is available at the time the switching service is performed
To the “spot on arrival” customer, the extra day is automatic when capacity is available in the customer’s track
Today, all cars are averaged together at each month’s end; effective Feb. 1, 2009, extra free days will be applied at the bottom of the bill, offsetting any accrued $75 debit day charges
When an individual car is held more than five demurrage (debit) days, the rate increases to $150 per day until the car is released empty

For questions regarding these changes, please contact our Demurrage, Storage and Extended Services (DSES) team at 888-428-2673, option 3,3,3.

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