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Despacho Previo Rule Change Effective March 15, 2009

Since the inception of the “Despacho Previo” documentation process and rules over a decade ago, there have been numerous advances in shippers’ abilities to transmit required documents to the Mexican border locations to allow the Mexican customs brokers to document rail shipments for entry into Mexico. When the process was first implemented, the free time allowed to document rail conveyances was 72 hours (with the exception of grain shuttle trains, which are allowed 24 hours free time.)

Effective March 15, 2009, for traffic destined to Mexico, free time for completion of all documentation required for the legal exportation from the United States and for the importation of a shipment into Mexico, will be 48 hours. Grain shuttle trains will continue to be allowed 24 hours free time. All other terms/conditions set forth in the Despacho Previo tariff will remain unchanged.

Effective March 15, 2009
Except as otherwise provided, rail shipments moving from the United States to Mexico via any Texas-Mexico border crossing points are subject to the following provisions:

1. Forty-eight (48) hours free time will be allowed for the completion of all documentation required for the legal exportation from the United States and for importation of a shipment into Mexico.
2. Free time will be calculated from the first 12:01 a.m. after “Despacho Previo” notification. Sundays and holidays will be excluded in the calculation of free time.
3. Following the expiration of free time, a Document Delay charge will be assessed until the car is documented for entry into Mexico. The document delay charge will be $75 per car, per day, or fraction thereof for the first three days. Thereafter, the document delay charge will be $150 per car, per day. An additional $500 charge will be assessed at the time documentation is completed, if at that time:

    a. The railcar is physically located within 50 miles of the station where the car will enter into Mexico, and,
    b. The free time has expired.
4. Sundays and holidays occurring subsequent to the expiration of free time will be chargeable days.

BNSF’s Despacho Previo tariff can be viewed on our Web page.

For questions regarding this tariff, please contact the BNSF Border Support team at 888-700-3075, option 3.

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