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To: BNSF Carload Customers

Reminder: Barrier Seal Requirements

As a reminder, BNSF has a policy in place to help ensure shipment integrity by requiring the use of barrier seals for various shipments. Compliance with this policy will help discourage tampering and identify unauthorized access to products during carrier handling.

BNSF recommends that customers familiarize themselves with the specific provisions of the requirements, found in BNSF Rules Book 6100-A:

  • Item 2250F – Rule Governing Barrier Seal Application (various types of rail equipment and commodities)
  • Item 6140B – Loss and Damage Provisions/Liability Restrictions (frozen and non-frozen commodities requiring Mechanical Protective Service)
Under both items, the shipper is responsible to protect the safety and integrity of its lading, including, but not limited to, the application of barrier seals to railcars to prevent unauthorized access to lading.

Additionally, if a seal is found to be missing, defective or tampered with, the receiver/consignee must report the exception and all known facts relating to the exception to the BNSF Inspection Service Bureau at 1-800-333-4686 within four hours of the actual placement of the railcar.

For questions regarding these requirements or to report seals left on a railcar after unloading, please contact your BNSF account representative.

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