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To: BNSF Carload Customers

Waybill Requirement Change: Carload Customers Must Specify Rail-Served Operator as Pick-Up Party

Beginning April 1, 2016, Carload customers will be asked to change how they identify parties on waybills in order to meet Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Rail Standards.

Current Process:
Currently, Carload customers identify both the Shipper (the customer who submits the shipping information to BNSF) and the Pick-Up Party (the business partner who loads or unloads shipments at the rail-served facility) as the Ship From Party (SF) on waybills.

New Process as of April 1:
Beginning April 1, Carload customers must identify the company that physically handles the shipment at rail origin as the Pick-Up Party on the waybill if that company differs from the customer submitting the shipping information to BNSF.

When creating a waybill with BNSF, customers are able to save shipping instructions for future shipments. Carload customers should review all pre-existing, saved shipping instruction patterns and alter them as necessary to meet the new Pick-Up Party requirement. Properly identify the Shipper and, if the Shipper is not the rail-served operating customer at origin, designate the business partner that will physically handle the shipment at rail origin as the Pick-Up Party.

A Note for Private Carload Equipment Owners:
Private Carload equipment owners are accountable for managing the return of their empty equipment to an operating rail-served station location. Empty private cars are returned to the Pick-Up Party as the Care Of Party unless other instructions are provided. This is especially important when the destination of a loaded shipment is not on the BNSF network and BNSF will interchange with another carrier.

For any questions as to who the senders should be on Carload shipping instructions, please contact the Waybill Solutions Department for assistance. To register for the Shipping Instructions application, please contact the eBusiness Department.

Waybill Solutions - 888-428-2673 opt. 3, 2, 4 (
eBusiness - 888-428-2673 opt. 4, 1 (

If you have any questions, please send an email to