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To: BNSF Grain Customers

Changes Streamline Grain Operations Desk Process

In order to serve you better, effective June 20th 2016, the Grain Operations Desk will implement a new system to streamline and improve communications with our customers.

Listed below are some of the new Grain Operations Desk features that you can expect:

  • Case Numbers: Case numbers will be assigned per issue received by the BNSF Grain Operations Desk, which will allow all BNSF representatives to have access to the latest information regarding each case in subsequent communications with BNSF.
  • Grain Operations Desk Email Address: All email inquiries should be sent to the new Grain Operations email address at If your BNSF representative is out, it will automatically be sent to their back-up representative and you will no longer receive an out-of-office email that requires you to forward your message.
  • Automated Responses: Emails to the BNSF Grain Operations Desk and other service groups will trigger an automated response informing you that your inquiry has been received. The automated response will also assign your case number. Follow up questions should be sent as a reply to the automated email so that your questions will remain associated with your case.
  • Automated Updates: Email correspondence from the Grain Operations Desk will be sent from a group email address, rather than from an individual, so that you can be updated once your issue is resolved.

The Grain Operations desk phone number will remain the same (1-800-234-9396). To contact BNSF, you must have a BNSF Customer Username and Pin Number. If you do not have a BNSF PIN or need to use voice authentication, please go to to register. If you have forgotten your PIN, click on the Forgot PIN Number link in the Customer Login box to have your PIN sent to the email address on record.

We hope you find these changes to be beneficial for you. If you have any questions about this new process, please send an email to

If you have any questions, please send an email to