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To: BNSF Industrial and Agricultural Products Customers

Reminder: Billing Changes for Moves on Patriot Rail Effective August 1, 2017

BNSF Railway is in the process of modifying the accounting relationship we have with several Patriot Rail short line railroads: Butte, Anaconda & Pacific/Rarus Railway (BAP/RARW), Kingman Terminal Railroad (KGTR), Sacramento Valley Railroad (SAV), Temple & Central Texas Railway (TC) and Utah Central Railway (UCRY).

Currently, these Patriot railroads operate as BNSF handling carriers, which allows BNSF to publish rates directly to and from their stations. Effective August 1, we will be changing to an Interline Settlement System (ISS) accounting relationship.

From your perspective, railcars involving these Patriot railroads will change from "BNSF Direct" routes to interline routes showing BNSF & the respective Patriot railroad in the linehaul route. You will then issue your bills of lading to the respective origin linehaul railroad and pay the respective railroad(s) freight bills per the terms of your pricing (through or rule 11, and per any prepaid or collect pricing conditions).

For more information about these railroads, including BNSF interchange locations with these railroads, you can access the BNSF Shortline Directory here.

If you have questions, please contact your Marketing Representative.

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