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To: BNSF Carload Customers

Changes to BNSF Team Track Policy

In order to better serve our team track customers, increase car velocity and improve overall service, we are making some changes to our team track policy.

Effective July 1, 2005, in addition to receiving the standard car placement notification, customers will receive a Constructive Placement notice if there is no space available on the track when the car arrives at the team track serving yard. When space is available, the car will automatically be ordered for placement. No action is required on your part. These changes will ensure that all customers have adequate access to team tracks and will discourage indefinite dwell by any one customer.

Also, effective July 1, 2005, we are changing the demurrage rules for team track customers. Customers will no longer be able to ‘bank’ credits to be applied to cars in the future. Instead, demurrage will be calculated per car on a real-time basis. New rules will be applied by car type as follows:

Railroad-Controlled Box/Gondola/Flat Cars/Woodchip/Coil Cars

    Subject to the New Modified Straight Demurrage Plan.
    Go to the Link below, then to “Modified Straight Plan Explanation”
Railroad-Controlled Open/Closed Hoppers, Refrigerated Cars and Unit Trains of Aggregates,
Coal and Grain
    Subject to Straight Demurrage Plan.
    Go to Link below, then to “Tariffs/Rules,” then “BNSF 6004-A Item 1095K”
Private Cars
    Subject to the provisions in our Private Car Storage rules.
    Go to Link below, then to “Tariffs/Rules,” then “BNSF 6005 Item 1300C (loading) and 1400A (unloading)
Web Site
Additional information is available at

Questions regarding the new program can be directed to the following individuals:

North Region – Ken Graham: 817-593-1080
South Region – Bill Pugh: 817-593-1090
Southeast Region – Mac Staniford: 817-593-1023

If you have any questions, please send an email to