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To: BNSF Shipping Instructions Users Shipping Hazardous Commodities

Shipping Instructions Tool Enhancement Hazardous Lookup

BNSF’s Shipping Instructions Tool--the secured interactive Web tool that allows you to electronically submit shipping instructions--has recently been enhanced with the following new features:

Enhancements to the Hazardous Lookup have been made to prevent hazardous errors from occurring, which have the potential to delay your shipment. In addition to searching by UN/NA or STCC, users may now enter additional search criteria including the Regulatory Authority and the Technical Name. These additional fields will allow you to more accurately apply the correct hazardous information to your bill of lading and eliminate potential costly hazardous billing errors.

Moreover, if you have patterns that do not have hazardous billing information saved within them, you will be presented with the Hazardous Lookup tool instead of the blank Hazardous Entry form on the Hazardous Materials Entry Page. Simply perform the lookup and the form will appear with your shipments hazardous criteria automatically populated. This will save you time while eliminating potential misspelling and format errors.

Finally, if you need to change the hazardous information for your shipment use the Hazardous Lookup again to re-populate the Hazardous form with your new hazardous shipment information.

If you have questions regarding these enhancements, please contact BNSF eBusiness general help by calling 1-888-428-2673 option 4 and 1, or by sending an e-mail to - an easier way to do business.

If you have any questions, please send an email to