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To: BNSF Bulkhead and Pipe Flatcar Customers

Bulkhead and Pipe Flatcar Equipment Request Enhancements Effective December 1, 2008

In order to better manage customers’ expectations, we have developed a new tool for proactively communicating available loading capacity. By going to and using BNSF’s Railcar Equipment Request tool, you can obtain anticipated loading capacity status by week for a five-week rolling period.

Customers who have obtained LOGS for the Bulkhead Flatcar fleet will not be impacted by this program and will be able to request and obtain railcars per applicable LOGS rules.

With the online report, you will now see the Bulkhead and Pipe Flatcar weekly anticipated loading capacity status defined as follows:

Capacity Available – Current supply is adequate to meet demand. Capacity is not constrained. (Note: Even though capacity is currently available, this does not guarantee that a specific equipment request will be filled, except for LOGS orders.)

    Capacity Constrained – Current accepted demand exceeds available supply. Equipment requests will continue to be accepted by the system and we will make every attempt to fill those equipment requests, but customers can expect that some requests will not be filled.

    Capacity Sold-Out – Current demand far exceeds available supply. Once this demand threshold is reached, additional equipment requests for that week will not be accepted.

    Effective December 1, 2008, if you attempt to enter an equipment request through for a want-date for which capacity is sold-out, you will be immediately advised of the sold-out condition and your equipment request will not be accepted. If this occurs, you will have the option to:
    1. View Fleet Capacity
    2. Close Window
    By selecting the View Fleet Capacity button, you will have the ability to view future weeks’ capacity.

    To access the Railcar Equipment Request tool, log in to, then look for the link under “Ship”. If you do not have a login, you can register by clicking on the “Register/Login Customer” link on the BNSF home page. When registering, please request access by indicating “Railcar Equipment Request Tool” on the More Tools screen.

    Please Note: BNSF reserves the right to reject or reduce equipment requests which, in BNSF’s judgment, cannot be filled due to existing equipment requests, service conditions or available car supply for that loading location being adequate to satisfy historical demand.

    If you have any questions regarding the Railcar Equipment Request tool, please contact BNSF Equipment at 888-428-2673, option 4, 4.

    If you have any questions, please send an email to